Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Tattoo

The rabbit is the 4th Chinese Zodiac sign. Individuals with the rabbit zodiac sign are said to be likeable, kind, observant, and sometimes shy… like a cute little rabbit. The Chinese people often associate rabbit as sweet, lucky, and the season spring, which makes the symbol very tattoo friendly. In addition, animal has an added bonus of being a sex symbol, thanks to the Playboy Bunny. The rabbit therefore can be an opportunity for a lady to show some playful spirit.

Chinese Tattoo Character for Rabbit

The Chinese character for rabbit is not too overly complex, and as long as you read this page carefully, there isn’t much to mess up.

Rabbit Calligraphy

The character above is the Chinese symbol for rabbit. It is pronounced “too” or “tu”. However, there is a conversational version of the rabbit called “tuzi”. The “zi” (a very light “i” sound at the end) is the second character added to extend the phrase in everyday use, but it is not particularly interesting or meaningful character.

Extended version of rabbit

The above reads “too-zi” from left to right, with the symbol on the left being the rabbit itself. If you choose to tattoo the Chinese character for rabbit, remember less is more. By tattooing just 兔 all by itself, you will get all the cute and sexy factor of the animal without looking amateurish.