Michael Chandler Chinese Tattoo

Michael “Iron” Chandler is a well-known MMA fighter from Missouri. He has been a two-time lightweight champion under Bellator MMA. Michael Chandler is also currently consider one of the top 10 lightweight fighters in the world.

Michael “Iron” Chandler


Michael Chandler has various tattoos. One of the less known tattoo is a Chinese character in his upper back shoulder.

Here is a closer look at it:

What does Michael Chandler’s tattoo mean?

Michael Chandler has a single Chinese word tattooed on his left upper back shoulder. The word is pronounced “yin”. It’s a different word than the “ying-yang” yin:

In fact, the word means “excellent”, “honor” by itself. When combined with other words, it can mean “hero”, or “English”. Odd right? Read on…

Classically, the word yin is combined with other words. For example, hero is written as below:

Hero for Chinese Tattoo

But because the word “yin” also sounds similar to “En” in “England”, the word has adopted to mean the country and the language. For example, England is written as below:

England for Chinese Tattoo

If you are from Great Britain and feel patriotic, the above “England” Chinese Tattoo wouldn’t be a bad idea.

English Chinese Tattoo

The phrase above says “English”, as in the language itself. It’s not a particularly cool tattoo to get, unless you are into teaching or something.

Is Micheal Chanlder’s Chinese Tattoo Cool?

Overall, Michael Chandler’s Chinese tattoo is not bad. By keeping it a single “yin”, he opens it up to imagination. I interpret it as it meaning “hero”, but it could be something different. I doubt his opponents are going to wonder about that while facing him in the cage.